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GZW Official Regulations

1.  GZW must request that there is no reporting, punting, hacking, warning, harassing, etc., of any other member. There's strictly no reason for any of those actions in a fantasy dice wrestling league. If you have a probably with any character, contact The GZW Owner.

2.  Via your contract, you are responsible to show up to every event punctually! We at GZW can understand a few minutes late, but showing up an hour after we kick off and expecting to still wrestle on GZW programming will not be tolerated.

3.  GZW will also not tolerate any whining, complaining, crying, begging, asking, pleading, bargaining, etc., for anything. You must work to get what you want. This includes storylines, title shots and things of that nature.  GZW does not want to hear people bickering about "I deserve this and that" and "I shouldn't be fighting him, he's just a low carder" because in GZW, everyone is equal.  How else can a "low/mid-carder" improve if no one is willing to give him a chance? Remember, we're all here to have fun, so try not to take everything as a personal insult, it would be a good change.

4.  GZW only has one event per month. This is due to a few factors. One, I know that dicing is practically dead now. However, it is still fun to do. To balance that out, I've arranged to have one major card a month and spot a few house show cards in between. Two, we're all growing up now, and our schedules are getting quite full. So having only one major card a month will make it easier for everyone to show up to every card. The card will have the same name each month, and matches for it will be posted probably a week before the card.

5.  No matter what anyone else says, don't believe it unless I say to believe it.  Be it at a show, or during the week, do not listen to what anyone tells you about "Vic said this" because, unless I specifically send out something saying to listen to that person, it's a load of BS.  I'm fair, and I'll hear any problems your having, but do try to work out disagreements on your own, it's how things used to work.  The only thing's I will NOT tolerate, are people who are constant disruptions, and those who are blatantly harassing others. Does that mean you cant talk OOC at all?  No, It just means when I ask, to stop doing it in the room.

6.  Above all else here in GZW; The purpose of GZW is just to have some fun. That should be the purpose of all fantasy dice wrestling leagues, but sadly, it isn't. So let's make it one again.

The System
This is how things work here in GZW.  The system is based on points.  Everything you do in GZW will earn you points (or cost you them.)  The following is a list of points you get for doing things:  

bulletWin a match-up with RP:  +2
bulletWin a match-up without RP:  +1
bulletWin the GZW World Heavyweight title:  +3
bulletWin the GZW Cruiserweight title:  +2
bulletWin the GZW Hard-core title:  +1
bulletAttend an event:  +1
bulletRecruit a GOOD member:  +1
bulletSuccessfully retain a GZW title:  +2
bulletLose a match-up with RP:  +0
bulletLose a match-up without RP:  -1
bulletLose a GZW title:  -2
bulletMiss an event:  -1
Top 5
GZW Superstars

1.  Wes "2" Adams 

2.  Chris Psycho 

3.  Michael Taylor 

3.  Chris Craven 

5.  Michael Ryba 

Babe of the Month

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