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Welcome friends, to the NEW Ground Zero Wrestling.  We're back, and better than ever.  We are officially now under "RCWF" dicing rules.  This federation will be different from most others now because of that and in turn, I hope I get more participation from you guys, the members.

The mission statement of GZW remains the same, to realize that we're just trying to have a little fun while imitating pro wrestling.


What's New

The following is a list of recent additions to our web. Whenever we have a show, receive a new member, submit a new card or add anything else to our web, we'll put a notice here. Every month we'll remove the oldest items. The most recent changes are listed first.

01 December 2003

bulletGround Zero Wrestling RE-OPENS!
Top 5
GZW Superstars

1.  Wes "2" Adams 

2.  Chris Psycho 

3.  Michael Taylor 

3.  Chris Craven 

5.  Michael Ryba 

Babe of the Month

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