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GZW Next Event Card

G R O U N D  Z E R O  W R E S T L I N G


[-GZW's Current Card-]

[-Opening GZW Bout-]
hardcore gzw fatal four way match-up
Number One Contendership of the GZW Hardcore Championship
The Undertaker,
"The S-Plex Machine" Michael Ryba, Keath Blomgren and Gully B will face off in a battle of weapons.  All four of these men have the chance to face off against the Hardcore Champion, whomever that may be, at GZW in October.

[-Second GZW Bout-]
standard gzw match-up
Triple H
and Kurt Angle, two of the best from another entertainment type federation, will get a chance to display actual wrestling skills in a GZW ring.  Let's see how they handle the real thing.

[-Third GZW Bout-]
hardcore gzw match-up
GZW Hardcore Championship
The Rock defends his gold against Chris Craven.  After Craven's loss to Wes "2" Adams in the main event at GZW in August, Craven went up to Victor Jamez and told him that he was hardcore.  Victor Jamez accepted this fact and is giving Craven a chance to dominate The Rock and take him to school.

[-Fourth GZW Bout-]
gzw cage match-up
Number One Contendership of the GZW World Championship
Victor Jamez decided to give Michael Taylor another shot at becoming the number one contender of the World Title at GZW in September.  This time, his opponent is Russell Wayne, his obsitcal, a 25 foot high steel cage.  Can Michael Taylor come back from his loss at GZW in August, or will Russell Wayne step up and become the next contender.

[-GZW Main Event-]
gzw last man standing match-up
GZW World Championship
Wes "2" Adams will take on Chris Jericho, defending his World Championship.  Victor Jamez's idea for the gimmick of this match is Last Man Standing.  Whomever can stand the longest will be the next World Champion...or retain their title.

[-GZW Match Rules-]

Hardcore Match
-The object remains constant.
Adjusted Dicing Rules
-You have unlimited weapon shot attempts.  However, to hit a weapon in this match, you first must roll higher then a 7 AND be the highest roller.  If you win the roll but get a 7 or lower you will not get the ten (10) points for the weapon shot.

Cage Match
-The object remains constant with the exception of being able to climb out of the cage as well to win the match.
Adjusted Dicing Rules
-With fourty-five (45) points, you are aloud to climb out of the cage. You must call your climb attempt. The match-up automatically ends if you won that roll.

Last Man Standing Match
-To be the last man standing.
Adjusted Dicing Rules
-All members in the match start with fifty (50) points.
-The loser of each roll loses five (5) points.
-Once your opponent reaches zero (0) points, you are aloud to knock them out for a ten count.  You must call your knock out attempt.  Your opponent will have one (1) chance to meet or beat what you rolled if you won that roll.

Top 5
GZW Superstars

1.  Wes "2" Adams 

2.  Chris Psycho 

3.  Michael Taylor 

3.  Chris Craven 

5.  Michael Ryba 

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