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GZW In August 2003 Results


[-Opening GZW Bout-]
hardcore gzw match-up
GZW Hardcore Championship
The Rock took on Triple H in a battle of weapons for the most insane championship GZW has to offer.  This battle did not take long as these two are real rookies in GZW.  The Rock ended up "TKO"ing Triple H with The Rock Bottom onto a chair.  A move The Rock used notoriously through out that match.

Your Winner and NEW GZW Hardcore Champion:  The Rock

[-Second GZW Bout-]
gzw ladder match-up
Number One Contendership of the GZW World Championship
Chris Jericho faced off against Michael Taylor for an opportunity to fight with the GZW World Champion, whomever that may be, at GZW in September for the title.  This match was extreme back and forth action.  Many close grabs by each man, but in the end Chris Jericho wanted it more and grasped the burlap sack and successfully brought it down to become the next contender for the GZW World Championship.

Your Winner and Number One Contender of the GZW World Championship:  Chris Jericho

[-GZW Main Event-]
gzw 3 stages of hell match-up
first fall - ironman match-up
second fall - lumber jack match-up
third fall (if necessary) - buried alive match-up
GZW World Championship

The GZW Heavyweight Championship was decided in a 3 Stages of Hell match.  Chris Craven took on Wes "2" Adams in an epic battle.  It came down to the third fall as Wes "2" Adams buried Chris Craven and claimed his spot as the first ever GZW World Champion.

Your Winner and NEW GZW World Champion:  Wes "2" Adams


Top 5
GZW Superstars

1.  Wes "2" Adams 

2.  Chris Psycho 

3.  Michael Taylor 

3.  Chris Craven 

5.  Michael Ryba 

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