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NameMichael Taylor
Hometown:  Tukwila, WA
Weight:  210lb.
Finishing Move:  Seven Year Inch
GZW Record:  00/01 (+1)
GZW History:  n/a

Taylor started his background is sports as a little kid  playing football and basketball up until sophomore year where he injured his knee and was out for the season, The next year knowing he couldn't be the best he could be in football and he joined the wrestling team. Taylor was told about this promotion starting where he join and trained but it closed down after 3 months. Taylor and his friends went to Mexico where he trained for about a year and a half. Taylor felt he was ready to move on. He was told if he wanted to make a name from himself go to Japan. A lot of personal problems lead him out of Japan and now he's in the US looking to show every one what he's made off.

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3.  Michael Taylor 

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5.  Michael Ryba 

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